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For 2006 boys and 2007 girls!



Tryouts by appointment!

Fusion F.C.

Started from the bottom now we are here........We have been in this soccer world for quite some time, and after many different experiences, we have decided to gather our knowledge and high energy and invest it into this new venture. Fusion Futbol Club is a competitive youth soccer club dedicated in bringing new opportunities to our youth players. We are seeking high exposure in the highest competitive level. Fusion F.C. strives in developing boys and girls age groups U7 through U14. We pride in teaching vision, focusing on decision making and strengthening ball control.

Fusion F.C. believes success is a choice, that winners have dreams and that champions make them come true. Fusion F.C. believes that champions train every day and consistency is a must. Soccer is a controlling game, players need to learn to possess the ball, they have to defend to possess, they have to possess to attack and they have to attack to score. Most importantly team chemistry has to be achieved in order to succeed.

Fusion F.C. believes if you give everything on the pitch you will lose nothing.............

Polar Vortex Juggling Contest

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Roberto Jaime

Director of Coaching

Phone: (630) 320-6912